Monroe-Woodbury Parent-Notification-System:

The Parent-Notification-System has two modes.

The primary mode is to notify parents in the event of an unscheduled early dismissal or some other unforseen event that warrents a call. All parents of students enrolled in a school building (or buildings) may be called with a pre-recorded message so the message may be distributed as quickly as possible. The telephone numbers stored in the official student database are used to generate the calls in primary mode. It is important that you maintain your current contact numbers at each child's school location.

The secondary mode is subscription based Snow-List-Calling where messages are broadcast in the event of unscheduled school closings or delays. The reason for this distinction is so only the people who want to be woken at an early hour receive a call. The snow-closing-call-list is independent of the telephone numbers stored in our student database.

Subscribing or Removing a Number from the Snow List:

Simply call (845) 460-6649 from the line that you would like to add to or remove from the call list and follow the prompts. Callers with unlisted numbers may receive additional instructions so that their number can be properly verified.

Listen to Recent Messages:

You may listen to any message broadcast in the last 24 hours by calling (845) 460-6640 .

Checking Your Subscription Status:

Enter your phone number here: